In the Summer of ’99 I worked as a lifeguard in a US Summer Camp. For me, an awesome experience. Might not be for everyone but I thrived on it.

On some time off I recall playing a bunch of South Americans at football. On a beach.

Indeed, beach football.

Neither team could barely converse with the other but we all spoke the international language of football.

Lesson in life: let the ball do the talking
With a few Englanders, a Welshman and me, the only Scot, our side battled away but inevitably succumbed to defeat. It wasn’t one way traffic though and the English lads let the opposition know they were in a game. Me? I let the ball do the talking.

My late grandad brought me up to practice football using a tennis ball, so while some of my former team-mates at the London Arabs may challenge this, my touch was not as clumsy as it probably otherwise would have been.

Back Stateside, the Latinos were not at all impressed at the robust English challenges. If you’ve ever played South Americans at any sport you’ll know what I mean.

The London Arabs, London’s Dundee United supporters’ club, had a couple who worked in the bar our captain ran. One Brazilian, the other Argentinian I think (someone help me out there), both were ridiculously talented and despite South Americans’ reputation for diving, both pretty tough when they wanted to be… but loved a moan. Their compatriots at beach football were no different.

Every cloud…
While my musical tastes are very eclectic, about the same time as the beach football, I started to get into a couple of bands that to this day I can’t help but have a soft spot for, such as Ocean Colour Scene and Cast.

Now, I totally understand the mechanics behind my fondness and why I’m admitting this here, and I don’t mind sharing this, as I’ve said before, it’s cathartic.


At the time I’d split with my first proper girlfriend and the music was therapeutic, a source of solace and hope in an emotionally-charged wilderness; an outlet that rather than coincide with the anxieties of break-up, actually helped me to maintain positive mental attitude as well as keeping focused on moving on and up.

So fast forward to the present day and once again personal circumstances have resulted in me reaquanting myself with some old tunes. This time however I’m a little older, slightly wiser but the tunes still offer light and evoke the same spirit of hope.

I’m sure every cloud has a sliver lining for everyone, sometimes you just need to look through the rain to find it. So, while I’m still searching, that’s why I love music. Not only does it mean different things to different people, it also offers opportunity, whether that’s for self-reflection, emotional stimulation or social interaction.

Raining cats, dogs and dragons
Other opportunities also help break down barriers. Take social media for example. Through Twitter I’ve been fortunate enough to learn about, observe, engage and follow schmoozers and boozers; grazers and trailblazers; experts and know-alls; cats and dogs; a dragon, a highland coo. And possibly even you.

To be honest that’s cool and thank you for sharing. You all know who you are. It is these endless possibilities social media offers that is actually the most exciting part. I’m guessing you’re also pretty excited too because you’re interested enough to read this post. Unless you’re just being a nosey bugger. Which is actually totally cool because that is part of what social media is all about.

In many ways this blog is actually yesterday’s news because even now there are better, more effective, more interactive ways of engaging, developing, learning. That’s music to my ears.

Do it. Do it do it do it
So how do we tap into social media and new ways of working? That’s the bit I’m learning about too. I just want to learn more and then just do it, and do it differently, and do it now.

Impossible is just a state of mind.