From the sparkle of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee to the pizzazz of the Olympics; the death of Whitney Houston to the conception of a Royal baby; and the rise of Martha Payne to the fall of Felix Baumgartner – 2012 has been quite a year.

So as it draws to a close, upon which our thoughts reflect on then drift to the next, what is going through your mind? I’m sure if you’re reading this on Hogmanay then it’s probably the celebrations, but if it is after the partying has subsided, excitement eased and the year started in earnest, it might be something more rudimentary.

Dundee fireworks

Fireworks over Dundee, November 2010.

My 2012 has been emotional but, with my son turning one, it and other other aspects of my life have also been rewarding too: the wee man obviously takes top spot, and while nothing can possibly out-do the awesome times we spend together, my professional development and contributions to the community have also offered satisfactory return.

I’ve never been a huge one for New Year resolutions but for me 2013 holds a lot of promise and change. I found it useful throughout the last 12 months to give myself targets to aim for which also included and coincided with a greater professional focus on digital and especially social media.

So this year I’m setting out resolutions with intent. ‘Professionally’ at least, 2013 will see me:

  • Be more involved in Project Scotland’s mentoring scheme – I’ll report my progress through #bletherandblogger (if you too wish to get involved then I’m happy to signpost you to the right people or share my thoughts);
  • Become a surgeon – a social media surgeon that is. I’ve signed up to the forthcoming Edinburgh event on 21 January and am raring to go (again, opportunities are available for those in the Third and Voluntary sectors seeking advice, or if you wish to share expertise);
  • Continue my existing voluntary commitments in a personally sustainable way;
  • Further develop my understanding of social media primarily through engaging with those I’m connected to but also beyond, and by doing so expanding my networks;
  • Participate throughout 2013 in the CIPR Continuous Development Scheme; 
  • Challenge colleagues with creative innovation;
  • And get a range of new (and recognisable) profile pictures!

I’m not sitting back waiting for the year to happen. I’m taking it head on. That was always my plan, however that has only been reinforced since listening on Christmas Eve to Fabrice Muamba talking about the future – which I also blogged about last week.

It is this positive mental attitude that offers me some Hogmanay cheer and which I’m determined to then inspire and prove pivotal to defining my year.

What’s going to define yours?

Happy New Year

Image courtesy of féileacán.

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