This is my first reblog. I’ve been saving it for one that I just wanted to keep reading. This is infact the second I’ve read from lady_cait and I like the way she rolls. I’m sure you will too.

A Barefoot Girl

A week last Friday, as I was watching The Big Bang Theory, sprawled on the sofa and eating grapes, my phone went a bit mental. A music blogger had retweeted my post about being made redundant, and within the hour, 5000 people had read it. The next day that increased to 25,000 and the New Statesman and Gizmodo had published it. My twitter was bleeping every minute with replies and there were more comments than I could respond to. I have never experienced anything quite like that. So many of the comments were incredibly nice about what I had written, and I was amazed that so many people would send well wishes to a complete stranger. There are some truly lovely people on the internet. The whole thing also provided a nice opportunity to catch up with some people I used to work with and hadn’t spoken to for a while, in…

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