How changing my Twitter name showed me how small the world is

I remember when I first joined Twitter. It was the summer of 2008 and I’d read about this micro-blogging social media platform and thought I’d bagsy my username even if I wasn’t going to use it. In fact, when I signed up I was quite surprised that @katehughes was still free but I was happy to claim it.


Nearly five years, 3,500 followers and a Twitter obsession later, I’ve just got married and have become Kate Reynolds. So of course, after choosing the dress, the next big decision was what to do about my Twitter username!


Just a drop

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April Reblog: As part of my approach to social media and blogging I committed in the New Year to Reblog once a month, sharing others’ musings, experiences and writing. Not only is Kate Reynolds‘ story a good one, it also for me demonstrates the power, potential, reach and wonder of social media. You just need to give it a chance. I enjoyed this. Hope you do too. Kenny. 

Photo Credit: Mark J P via Compfight cc