How many times have you skipped over your subscription emails or ignored tweets with recommendations about apps and analyses of latest technologies? Yeah, me too.

I favourite tweets for a multitude of reasons: to bookmark interesting comments or links to controversial content that I’d like to revisit later; because I’d like to thank people for retweeting me without having to explicitly say so in tweet as it might feel a bit OTT if I did; and simply because I like, laugh at or love what they say.

Inevitably, the build-up becomes unmanageable and every┬áso often I clean them out, which is what I spent a recent Friday night doing. Not my typical start to the weekend but a cathartic one. That’s the wild crazy way I herald the weekend these days.

Anyway back to the tweet clean: this April tweet from @comms2point0 caught my eye:


My digital resolution for 2013 was to learn more about measurement. Recently that has led me to start consolidating and measuring my digital footprint. So let’s try this bad boy out.

Show me what you’ve got

To be honest I was on the whole pretty disappointed – although pipl did present me with one interesting finding, a profile I never knew I had on twicsy, and also led me to assess a few similar tools, none of which were that good.

Maybe I never managed my expectation fully but pipl seems to have missed most sites I have presence on. My Gravatar,┬áLinkedIn and Twitter profiles were listed, however Mashable, Via me, Bambuser, Google+, Twellow, Cowbird, paper.li, Facebook, CIPR Conversation and even me here on my blog were overlooked (albeit Blether and Blogger doesn’t explicitly reference MarCommsKenny in the title).


I then tried using it to find people who our school reunion organiser was trying to track down. No joy. That of course could mean that they aren’t social so let’s not read too much into that.

The name is quite inventive though not that catchy. I suppose it served its basic function – to find people, after all it found me. Mission complete I suppose but not with a quality of depth that I’d hoped.

Have a try and let me know you’re thoughts, am I talking a load of pipl? And thanks comms2point0 for highlighting it (do check them out, you won’t regret it). In the meantime, I’ll be thinking of some more blog posts, I’d like to get back into my weekly blogging routine!

Take it easy

Photo Credit: MTSOfan via Compfight cc