If you’re in or around Dundee and asking yourself the question, just what is social media, or how to more effectively use it, then I know the very people to turn to first.

Together with the energetic enthusiasm of Leisure and Culture Dundee and the va va voom of our volunteers, we’re launching Social Media Surgery Dundee on 13 February at 6pm in the Central Library’s Opportunities Room.

Full details are available on our information and registration site. Have a browse, read more about what to expect and if you’d like to pop along, add your name to the list of attendees.

In short, we got some great people together who know a fair bit about social media. Between us we’ll be able to share our understandings and wide ranging experiences of social media. If we don’t have the answers we’ll know where to find them.

Funny thing is, I’ve been supporting similar sessions in Edinburgh and there isn’t an evening I attend that I don’t learn. That’s the beauty, we all learn from chatting and testing things out.

We’re all volunteers so there’s no cost to attend. The library even have tea and coffee if you fancy a wee cuppa.

There’s no business pitch, no hard sell. We’re just doing it for the fun.


I recently went along to meet Kevin from Dundee Leisure and Culture and for a moment was lost in time. Remember the Wellgate clock? I’ve walked past it a million times but I actually stopped to look at it and memories of watching it chime when I was wee came flooding back. A moment in time.

And now is another moment in time: time to get social. I think there is a lot of potential for these surgeries. I’ll write more about all that later (I’m blogging this entirely from my phone, on a train) including a little about those who’ll be there to share what they know.

In the meantime I know the benefits of getting social. Whether you’re from a community group, charity, small business or public sector; and no matter if you want to work with your community, attract funding or simply have fun, social media can play a crucial role as part of a wider approach to engaging others.

You can also get in touch if you’re interested in chatting more about the event by tweeting @socmedsurgery or replying to this post.

Dundee. One City, Many Social Media Discoveries.


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    I’ll be helping out at Dundee’s first Social Media Surgery (SMS) along at Dundee’s Central Library in the Wellgate Centre next Thursday (13 February). Here Kenny of ‘Blether and Blogger’ talks about the objectives of SMS and how you can get involved…

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