“Last year’s words belong to last year’s language. And next year’s words await another voice.” ~ T.S. Eliot.

A year is a long time in social media. The pace of change can for some feel overwhelming. That’s just one reason why Social Media Surgery Dundee has the potential to make a real difference, to help people sharpen their focus.

The surgeries, informal monthly gatherings at Dundee Central Library, can help support you on your journey of digital development. Yet I go along not just to share but to learn.

Last night I learnt, through speaking to Dylan from Humans of Dundee, there armed with his camera, that what I felt social surgeries actually offer was to help people find their voice. And I reminded myself that social media can make change happen. It can change lives. It’s certainly changed mine.

Dylan from Humans of Dundee

I discovered from Rob you can use Google images to search the web for a specific image, from Jacqueline and Stuart about adding coding to images, and also that you can create secret Boards on Pinterest.

And that advice you read everywhere about the best time to post? I was reminded there’s no right and wrong, no black and white answers that suits everyone. Test and try out different approaches for yourself and you’ll soon discover what works best for you.

I also marvelled at the skills in the room. People using and looking to learn about social media for fun, for business, for personal development. I learnt so much from everyone there on Thursday evening, and actually the blend of people in the room and what they add to these informal events is what makes it.

I read a recent STV Dundee piece about the surgeries where it said I was an expert. I’m not, far from it. Social media is all about learning and I continue to learn. I know a bit about social media, about strategy, about technical delivery and functionality, about people and where some are living their lives and how they can behave. But there isn’t a surgery I attend where I don’t pick up new tips and insights from others, whether they’re there to share or learn, or both. ‘Cos this is all about people.

Pop along, it’s fun (Dundee Library evan laid on biscuits with the usual tea and coffee, thank you!). You might learn you know more than you know.

I firmly believe social media can change lives, for the better. It’s changed me and mine, for sure. It’s helped to start revolutions, raise awareness of breast cancer; it’s made me laugh, made me think.

People are living their lives in new ways and new places. So now’s the time to do something different, to be ready for change. And you need to be prepared not just for change happening, maybe even also to change you or your approach.

That could be big change, small change, simple change, loose change. What’s important is where you’re going. Whatever the change, social media can help you get there. And so too can Social Media Surgery Dundee.

Think outside the box. Do it.

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