Balotelli has been charged over it, Rio spent time on the sidelines for it, Harry Redknapp doesn’t understand it, Joseph Barton can’t help but spout off on it, Scottish Sportswriter Patrick Barclay has even called for a players’ ban on it. Yaya Toure’s been racially abused on it.

Looking up the tunnel onto the pitch


The good, the bad and the ugly can all be found on Twitter. And, increasingly, play with your feet not your tweet seems to be the message from some quarters: social media and Twitter especially seems to have become the allure and distraction for today’s footballers that their predecessors got from booze. Toxic to their reputation, both addictions seem to have the knack of stripping professionals of their dignity, possibly careers.

Yet the irony is, their employers, the clubs themselves, are meantime getting in on the act, and now more than ever. And as no one can be bigger than the club, The Twooties – The Twitter Footy Awards – aim to recognise football clubs for their endeavours. Although most clubs are probably a long way off being classed as truly social businesses, that is, one who integrates “social media and social methodologies into the organisation to drive business impact”,(1) there is progress.

Distilling this down, there’s one ultimate prize any football club can offer their fans on Twitter. It doesn’t matter what path you’ve taken in life, the excitement when you get that message that your club follows you on Twitter is a moment to behold. It says more than a flashing retweet. It’s special.

The Most Social Football Club

Of course there’s more to being a social business than simply following your fans but this Christmas, who is the one club able to offer that gift – who is the Most Social Football Club?

The Twooties will recognise and highlight clubs for various Twitter achievements, as well as predicting who ought to win the league based on social media stats. But there can only ever be one winner of the Most Social Football Club in the UK’s professionals leagues. And I have the answer for Scotland, you know. I’m stunned at the result.

There are also some interesting surprises and quirks too. I’m now working on England. If you want to find out the results from The Twooties then keep alert to my next blogpost: The Twooties (Part One) through:

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(1) Definition of a social business from Altimeter Group via AllThingsIC.com
Photo Credit: dishwab via Compfight cc