“It was like living in a different country,” Ian Rush once said about moving to Italy. If he’d been playing today it might as well have been about spending time on Twitter, such is the stigma players face from some quarters for tweeting.

Yet as I pointed out in my introductory post The Twooties: Twitter Footy Awardsand shown in the infographic below, the clubs themselves are getting in on the act, and now more than ever. Which is why The Twooties aim to recognise football clubs for their endeavours.

The Most Social Club on Twitter in Scotland – Cowdenbeath FC

And what progress are clubs making? Well, it’s a mixed picture which largely reflects the business world as a whole. Various measures and software exist to define what being ‘social’ really means.The Twooties however isn’t hugely complicated though there is a little magic sprinkled throughout.

Yes, there’s a social score to add some validation and technical competency. But distilling it down, the club crowned as the Most Social Club on Twitter in Scotland 2014 achieves what no other can do, and that’s to follow as many people on Twitter as follow them – Cowdenbeath FC.

It’s one of the most precious gifts any club can give their fans this Christmas, to reverse the tables and follow the people who follow the club. No other comes close. Quite frankly, I’m astonished.

All categories:

  • Most Social Club (by Tweeps they follow): Cowdenbeath FC
  • Most Social Club (Followerwonk Social Authority Score): Celtic FC
  • Most Followers: Cetlic FC
  • Most Following: Cowdenbeath FC
  • Most Tweets: Celtic FC
  • Most Photos/videos: Celtic FC
  • Oldest: Queen’s Park  FC
  • Newest: Ross County FC
  • Worst Tweeter (last tweet sent): Arbroath FC, 4 August 2013*

Clicking the infographic explains it all – numbers, comparisons, trivia. Follow Blether and Blogger or @marcommskeny on Twitter to be kept up to date on my next blogposts, with further analysis on these results from Scotland and also, The Twooties – Part Two. England.


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*At the time of analysis, December 2014
Cover Image Photo Credit: s3aphotography via Compfight cc