It doesn’t define me, I’m not ruled by it. But the positive impact and influence social media’s had on my life and career is impossible to ignore. That’s why I don’t like social media, I love it.

The journey’s been fascinating, the friendships fantastic, and benefits and learning fortuitously surprising. Which is why it frustrates me when organisations fail to value or attempt digital engagement, or when people struggle to convince those holding the keys that new ways of working doesn’t mean losing identity, reputation, or worth. And if you think change is scary – don’t I know it, just think for a second how frightening the consequences are of sitting staring and doing nothing. Don’t risk being turned to stone.

Get Creative

Play button

It excites me when someone dreams up creative opportunities. Or takes an idea and morphs it into a new proposition. That’s why I’m an advocate for people pressing the play button to explore what digital opportunities exist and can be created, because you as often have the answers as I do. It’s just you might not know it yet.

We in the creative professions often help people find answers as well as providing them, which got me thinking about the learning that’s enhanced my skills and knowledge. Which is why, with unbridled enthusiasm, I intend to publish seven lessons from my social media journey in seven posts over the next seven days starting tomorrow, Thursday 18 June.

Will I achieve this wild ambition?

Think (positive), explore, do.

The full 7 posts in 7 days countdown on social media learning in one place.

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