Unless you are investing serious resource in your approach to social media then you simply cannot be everywhere.

Number 7 installationThat’s my first reflection if you’re considering where to start with social media; tip number seven in my ambitious Seven Posts, Seven Days series countdown to number one. What’s more of course, you probably don’t want to be everywhere, you want to be where it counts most for the best return.

Step Back, Leap Forward

But do you start with Twitter, with Facebook or with Flickr, for example? People tend to test out and play to find what they like themselves and what they’re most comfortable with. That’s fine and good. But you’ll be surprised at what you discover by taking a simple step back to consider your strategy, plans, key messages, what it is you’re trying to achieve, and with whom. What does success look like?

You could begin by mapping out your audiences, asking who is most and least influential and critical to success. Better understanding their habits and what you could be doing more and less of, then seeking to reach out or engage in the most appropriate way. This may also be through digital channels including social media.

Just ‘doing social media’ by throwing your net far and wide will inevitably lead to wastage. Instead, deploy focused tactics, at the right time, using reliable intelligence, research and analytics, and tools fit for the job. Remaining alert to changing landscapes and trends, and agile and responsive to evolving conditions will help identify opportunities and mitigate risks, increasing potential for positive return. Doing social media is a synch. Doing it with intent is a skill. 

Being everywhere leads you nowhere.


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