One of the first lessons about social media is, social media is dead. A truth that is only now starting to hit the mainstream.

In early 2014 I noticed that my most forward-thinking peers were not just thinking about social media differently, some were infact abandoning it altogether. They were shifting to reconsider the digital journey people will be making, and the impact digital transformation has on service redesign.

The E-fter Life

I’ve recently noticed my timelines are being filled less with independently generated content and increasingly by that which carries commercial value. This is compounded by increasing numbers of platforms seeking reliable revenue streams to support business growth. Profit is eroding the philosophy at the very heart of what being social is all about.

Three hot air ballonsTo reinforce that, one of the most efficient ways of understanding target audience behaviour is analysing data. Enter the data scientist, one of the most sought-after in-demand occupations around, to harvest, convert and make sense of the what lies behind a company’s digital interactions with their customers.

Social media as the concept and philosophy we know is dead. But it still remains alive and kicking, just maybe not as purists know it. One reason why, as a strategic communications practitioner, I keep alive to the role digital media including social media plays within the business and services.

Digital Spark

This trend, in recognising the role of digital, was again highlighted in Autumn 2014 at STV’s Digital Spark Awards event, one well worth watching out for in 2015. With vividly creative ideas in abundance, there was one key question judges were asking, is what you’re doing scalable – will it fly?

If the answer is yes, if the business model is designed in such a way to thrive and grow – be it emotional, social or economic growth, then fly with it. Social media alone will not reap the return once promised, the goalposts have moved.

Act social, be digital, think scale, then grow.


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