If you had advice for your seven-year-old self, what would it be?

That was the prompt Now Go Create’s Elizabeth Lovius’ served in her creativity workshop at Scotland’s recent PR Festival in Edinburgh. Held in the offices of creative agency Whitespace in the shadows of Edinburgh Castle, it wasn’t difficult to find inspiration. The response that stood out was, keep curious.

My response, play more, was based on the fact that children seem to have an innate ability to be creative but as we grow it’s one that’s eroded or lost. Recapturing that can open the door to a new world of possibilities, especially for those of us working in PR, marketing and communications.

I certainly never needed encouragement to play more as a child but the advice I thought up at PRfest took me back to a series of posts I blogged last summer on learning that had enhanced my skills and knowledge. Posting seven posts in seven days, counting down to number one, I concluded that adults don’t play often enough. With so much evidence linking play with improved outcomes, I can’t understand why not.

What advice have you for your younger self?



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