In work just as in life… If you don’t know where you’re going you won’t know you’ve arrived.

You have to create a goal for yourself whatever that may be – a short-term goal and a long term goal, and go after that. If you do not see it and if you do not believe it, who else will?

Sit down, take your time, and think about the importance of your vision, your goal. And there’s no one that I’ve ever met – no matter how successful they are – who hasn’t said they haven’t had failures along the way. You have to. If you’re afraid of failure you will never grow. The people who grow are the people who take the risk.

Flexing (Brain) Muscle

These words after the opening line aren’t mine but those of Arnold Schwarzenegger – mental resilience that has driven him to success after success. His type of success, through a career since he started bodybuilding at age 15. As he approaches his 70th birthday, these words still ring true.

Of all the motivational speakers I could have picked, Arnie probably wouldn’t have been on your list. And in all honesty, you have Facebook advertising to thank for that. A little spark that inspired me.

You may well have heard his prophetic interviews, or yourself seen the videos of him working out with his words atmospherically echoing out your earphones and subtitled across your screen. I reckon there’s a 50-50 chance you paid attention to them. Well, I did.

I find it hard not to be swayed. Not just by the style, the charisma, and unmistakable accent. But more than that, because my marketing-communications experience tells me he’s right.

Arnold’s 6 Rules of Success

Arnold’s list of 6 Rules of Success is widely known – trust yourself, break the rules (but not the law), don’t be afraid to fail, don’t listen to the naysayers, work your butt off, and give back.

Reviewing what else Arnold’s said about success, a further 6 Rules emerge. And it’s clear there’s more than a little correlation with my work and life, and most likely yours too. In summary, he says you need:

  1. Clear vision – about what you’re going to accomplish
  2. Deadlines – everyone has a problem with time. If you don’t have a specific goal where you want to go and when you’re going to get there then you just drift around and don’t get anywhere
  3. Learn something new
  4. Little victories add up – and that is what ultimately gives you confidence
  5. Motivation – have that imprint so you know what you’re chasing
  6. Strong vision to turn it into reality – visualisation creates the will


There’s a lot that can be added and adapted to individual need, this is simply a foundation. Many people will recognise success takes more than this, and more than words alone. For example, not just goals but SMARTE objectives. E? That’s my addition. Ethical…

Still, above all, as one of my former team heads would say when people talked to us about their ideas and proposals; ultimately, to what end…

In life or at work, what’s your goal?

Food for thought

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