As the Facebook data storm continues, has anyone actually asked – do you really care?

If the answer right now is no, then maybe what’s to follow over coming weeks and months might persuade you otherwise.

How Cambridge Analytica used data, the truth about how much Facebook knew about this, the freedom Facebook offered businesses to exploit your data, and questions being answered about how close the ties were between Cambridge Analytica and the Trump Presidential campaign. And much more.

And while Facebook’s value dips based on the resulting reputational damage, we’re witnessing a spike in legal and Political interest. But as digital forensics progress and the search for answers continues, has anyone thought to look a little closer to home to consider how complicit we ourselves are in the scandal?

Taking time to self-reflect, I’d be astonished and impressed if you’ve actually taken the time to read the Facebook terms and conditions that you’ve consented to.

Maybe you and I should be learning lessons ourselves – starting by reading up on how much freedom we’ve waivered just to be able to click our keypad.

I’ve asked the question on Twitter and on Facebook – let me know, do you really care that much? 


Photo Credit: ryanvanetten Flickr via Compfight cc