Be the change you want to see…

Memes and such words to live by are too often loosely thrown around in attempts to inspire and ignite a spark, or to bait your click.

But without truly understanding their power and how to harness potential (yours or that of others), they can seem empty.

That’s the situation I found myself in. Lots of words but no action and no obvious path. So I decided in the second half of 2019 to do something about it. And on 2 December 2019 I left the relative security of my life, friends, and work in Edinburgh and moved. To the Inner Hebrides.

With no street lights, a population of 150 (now, plus one), more than a shed-load of cows and sheep, and a community spirit to overfill a barn, my move to Scottish island-life is a story I’ll reflect on more in 2020.

But as interesting as it is, it pales into comparison to the warm welcome I’ve received landing on new shores.

It took an evolution in my thinking, self-made luck, self development, and expansive thinking to fully believe in being the change I wanted to see.

And I’m not there yet. I’ve a lot to deliver and to prove. What I can say is, a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step (and a very large packed lunch). What’s your first step in 2020 going to be?

First, believe.